Energy is ON! Day 32, finally, human again?

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DAY 32!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel human, I feel alive. Okay, I'm not saying I feel amazing - but pretty good. I feel like a 'normal' human being or what I imagine that to feel like.

I did some house cleaning, I did a couple of body weight exercises - nothing major but a few. I also can't help but wonder if the few exercises I did yesterday have lifted my energy levels.

Dinner is already cooked. Lunch is (mostly) packed.

This may all seem quite minor - it's hard to think back and I almost don't want to. Everything was an effort, I would 'just stare' at things that needed doing. I could spend a long, long time just *thinking* about what needed to be done. I felt so exceptionally tired, weak within my body. I felt a sadness (that is still there a bit at times).

The blog post I made about shame and guilt, I think that in turn, helped me.

My sleep cycle isn't perfect but it's improving. I dragged myself out of bed at 8:15 am and did not let myself go back to sleep. For me, this is the definition of success! I just hope I can sleep tonight. Speaking of sleep, I am tired, so I'm going to finish this post here - the first month I can truly say was horrid for me and it's probably just the last 2 days that I have felt 'okay'. I cannot believe I was sleeping in till 2 pm etc and how awful the withdrawals were (particularly in the first 2 weeks). I am SO glad that nightmare is over! Alcohol takes more than it gives, it's not worth it.



  1. Very well done on 32 days!! It's a great feeling when you get that burst of energy isn't it?. It helps to make everything seem bearable and worthwhile. It really does make you realise that life without alcohol can be done and it feels great. The best bit of advice that I can give you is: Make a list of the things that have improved so far for your personally: More energy, more jobs around the house done, less anxiety, more money, less exhaustion, better health, liking yourself better (this, I found, is one of the best things about being sober). Keep this list handy and, when you feel low again (and you will), when you start to question yourself and reason with yourself that you can moderate and all of that bullshit, get it out and look at it. Remember how good you feel now.

    Best wishes - Mrs W :-)


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