Day 35 - Insomnia and dreams that feel real

My dreams are with me in the day at times, last night, I had a dream I was in jail. I get insomnia each night, often not feeling able to sleep until 2am. Today I slept in till 11am. I don't eat till around 3pm or 5pm, depending if I'm hungry. I'm forgetting to take my vitamins at night.

My hamstrings were still a bit sore from body weight exercises I did the other day. Tomorrow hopefully I will be able to do more.

I have had a bit of stress in my life. I get overwhelmed easily and I feel a bit 'flat'.

My dogs undid two of my crochet squares for my granny blanket, I didn't feel too annoyed though.

I am having trouble getting motivated again. I did cook a very healthy vegetable minestrone soup though. I am also having difficulty commencing study.

I'm wondering (and this may not be) if medication I'm taking for anxiety is too strong for me now that I'm not drinking. It's unlikely, but I mention it because of the intense dreams.

I just feel a bit generally overwhelmed. Things haven't been super easy financially and there are other stressors.

I'm learning that as someone who perhaps gets addicted easier than some others out there - there are certain areas I may be impulsive. When I have to make a decision, I experience a high level of distress, feeling I need to make that decision straight away. This is more so to do with matters of the heart.

I have started reading The Joy of Living Sober (I believe by Catherine Gray). Tomorrow I will try to sort out one (yep, one of!) my bookshelves as I was just looking at it and it looks quite disorganised.

I'm alright. It's Day 35 of sobriety and I am not tempted to drink.

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  1. You hang in there! Life is hard enough, isn't it, and when we were drinking it seem to help, but it really didn't. I'm fortunate at the moment, in that my life is going along well with family, work and friends, and trying to stay sober is the hardest thing I'm working on right now, and I have my moments, so you not tempted to drink, is a gift. The statement you pasted on your page is so true. I need to practice them myself.


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