I knew what to call my blog immediately - I just can't drink - I know I can't, I've been through the cycle enough times to finally know this. I am up to 'Day 15', but I've been here before. I previously had around 4.5 months of sobriety and then went to moderation - and many of us will know how that goes.

Alcohol withdrawal this time around was particularly painful and I am only just feeling well enough to even consider this blog. As I write this blog, I have that negativity running around in my head, 'what is the point in this?', 'you will be a failure, your are wasting your time'. I'm pushing it aside because even if this blog is just for me - then that will be 'enough'.

I have lost my confidence and cockiness that I can maintain sobriety after such a significant relapse. I am absolutely determined this time not to go backwards. Alcohol brings me nothing but misery, shame and lowered self esteem.

I will keep this first post very short. I'm hoping to connect with other people who are sober and in recovery (or trying to be).


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  1. First of all - well done for realising you need to do something and for making to decision to be sober. For me, I have to have the mindset that I can never, ever drink again. There will never be any moderation for me.

    As for those negative thoughts: "What's the point?". The point is that after a while you will see the benefits of not drinking. You will become 'you' again - and like it. Soon, you will still think "What's the point?" .... of drinking?

    As for being a failure and it all being a waste of time: You are not and it is not. After a little while being sober does become easier and you will see the world with new eyes. Even if you do slip up, think of it as a blip - like falling off a bike: Get back on!

    Give those negative thoughts a big kick up the arse and concentrate on the positives. XXX

    1. Thank you Mrs W for your comment - it's nice to know somebody is out there. <3 I am with you, sharing the same mindset that I can never drink again - I just can't drink!

      Popping over to check out your blog!


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