Day 16. I just feel like crying.

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I don't know where it's come from - but I just feel like crying a bit today. Is it because I couldn't sleep till 3:30am? Is it because it's all just too much? I don't know but it came out of nowhere. I can go from feeling extremely positive, to a bit teary, and back again. I *know* this is normal from all the reading on sobriety/recovery I have done - but it can still catch you off guard.

I'm a mature age student (in addition to working and being a Mum) and University is due to go back in a week. It always takes a toll on my mental health - these units I have left are final year and they are TOUGH.

I bought plants a week ago and haven't planted them.

I have my treadmill set up ready for training walks, but I feel tired, so I climb into bed and read or have a bath.

Baths and bed have been my saving grace during early recovery. I'm okay with it, most of the time, it's just every now and then I get a bit impatient to 'feel better'. I just want my energy back, I want to lose weight - I'm very aware that I have a tendency to want to achieve it all. This is part of what likely led me to drinking, the pressure I place on myself and the stress that causes.

I currently achieve very little each day. I keep telling myself as long as I don't drink alcohol today then I have achieved everything I actually need to achieve. I know my life can only improve with alcohol out of the picture and I have to TRY to be patient with my body while it slowly repairs from the alcohol abuse it received.



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